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July 28th

S01:E37 The PHILLIP Show feat: Felicia Chappelle - Host of Faces on the Train

SERIES: Creatives in Yellow Springs, Oh — We are joined by the artist herself, Felicia Chappelle. From a one-woman-show, to now being the voice and creative mind behind the sensational podcast “Faces on the Train,” Felicia shares her journey of how she moved from behind the camera, to find her strength and voice as an actor.

July 21st

S01:E36 The PHILLIP Show feat: Evan Pitstick - Creative Photographer, Marketing Pro

SERIES: Creatives in Yellow Springs, Oh —Evan visits #ThePhillipShow, and comes with a world of talent. From working in the field of Marketing, to being a photographer, he explains how being surrounded by so many creative people in Yellow Springs helps to keep fun opportunities coming.

July 14th

S01:E35 The PHILLIP Show feat: Elias Kelley - Videographer, Photographer, Actor, Creative, CEO

SERIES: Creatives in Yellow Springs, Oh — Elias Kelley, CEO of Elemental Eye Photography, and all around creative, discusses how Yellow Springs provides the backdrop for so many projects. From big city, to the Village, Elias tells of his experiences and the difference a small town can make.

July 7th

S01:E34 The PHILLIP Show feat: Kyle Truitt - Musician, Personal Trainer, Business Owner

SERIES: Creatives in Yellow Springs, Oh — Kyle Truitt of Posterior Chain, LLC - gives us the inside scoop about how he channels his creative energy, and how growing up in the small town of YS has shaped his artistic passions.

June 25th

S01:E33 The Phillip Show feat. Carey Harris | A Military Investigation: The Kaylie Harris Story

Carey Harris is the mother of Kaylie Harris, a soldier in the military who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a male military colleague due to her sexuality as a lesbian. This case is still under internal military instigation, as her story continues to gain national coverage. Hear the words of this mother, and how she is using her voice to educate, hold the military accountable, and fight back.

June 24th

S01:E32 The Phillip Show feat. Darrell J. Hunt Part 1 | Education Leads to Acceptance

Actor, Musician, Educator Darrell J. Hunt shares his passion for education and how wisdom can help to understand your journey. Take a look inside as he describes his upbringing and how he learned to embrace his WHOLE SELF.

June 24th

S01:E31 The Phillip Show: The Making Of - Feat. Barbara Clarke Ruiz & Mosi Singleton

Lick You Silly Premium Pet Products CEO, Barbara Clarke-Ruiz returns to #ThePHILLIPShow with writer, Mosi Singleton, to discuss the building of a brand and the making of a commercial. Learn the process of bringing a vision to life from these two industry powerhouses. Take a sneak peek at the custom-made baskets sponsored by Lick You Silly for the 10th Annual Yellow Springs Pride Celebration's 2021 YS Pets Got Pride Contest!

June 20th

S01:E30 The Phillip Show feat. Rick & Kent - LGBTQ Advocacy, Relationships, and Religion

Meet Rick & Kent, a married couple heavily involved in ministry positions and passionate about supporting/defending Trans lives. Hear their incredible journeys separately, and together. Discover their key to relationship success, and hear their perspective on love and acceptance.

June 18th

S01:E29 The Phillip Show feat. Sayre Hudson - It’s ok to not have the answer to your identity.

Sayre helps shed light on the importance of positive LGBTQ+ role models, and how fragile children are. Educate yourselves by hearing her story and learning how she navigated confusing times to become the confident person you see today.

June 17th

S01:E28 The Phillip Show feat. Jeff Rollins - Confidence, Acting and the Future

From identity rehab, to the big screen, Jeff Rollins leads us on a journey that placed him face to face with himself - and the TRUE Jeff won! Hear how the doors opened for him when he moved past his fear and was simply “himself.”

June 16th

S01:E27 The Phillip Show feat. Asa Leveaux -Americas #1 EntreQUEERNeur Coach

Asa Levaux drops in to discuss his new memoir, “Black & Queer: There More Than Sugar in My Tank” - and gives us the back story of how his journey to self lead him to use his identity in his successful, national business identity.

June 13th

S01:E26 The PHILLIPShow feat. Jenney & Alex - Inspiring Stories that TRANSform

Jenney & Alex stop by#ThePhillipShow and share their interesting story and how their unique relationship developed. Learn more about how challenges can lead to meaningful relationship and how a tragic past can lead to helping others find their way.

June 11th

S01:E25 The PHILLIP Show feat: Vance Borger - Inspiring Stories that TRANScend

What can you do when you know that you want to simply live your life, but you are seen as different? Vance shares his story of life of transformation, love and family - and how having resources, and support are important for anyone who is in need.

June 10th

S01:E24 The PHILLIP Show feat: Iden Crockett - Inspiring Stories that TRANScend

Iden explains how she found the courage to live out loud later on in life, and discusses the delicate relationship balance with being married with children. Discover how she finds the strength to live life as the person that she is inside, and not the person that people have perceived her to be.

June 9th

S01:E23 The PHILLIPShow feat. Jessie Blades - Inspiring Stories that TRANScend

How do you explain to your parents the “who” of who you really are? Will your friends treat you the same when you let them know that you are Trans? Jessie opens up about life, transition, and the benefit of support while living your life.

June 6th

S01:E22 The PHILLIP Show feat. Chasilee - A Perspective from a Mother of a Trans Daughter

What are the fears that a mother of a trans child faces? How do you move forward? What do you do? What will they say? Chasilee opens up about her journey with her daughter, the public, the school system and towards hope. Hear why PRIDE is so important to this passionate mother who will ALWAYS fight for her daughter.

This show is in partnership with #YSPride20201

June 4th

S01:E21 The Phillip Show feat. Rev. Daria Schaffnit - LGBTQ+, Religion, and Relating to Each Other

Rev. Daria Schaffnit gives us an inside look at her journey into the ministry while being in the LGBTQ+ community. How does one reconcile being Gay and being a Christian? This is a question many people are faced with, and Daria tackles the subject head on! Stick around as she shares the importance of encouraging children.

This show is in partnership with @ys.pride #YSPride20201

June 3rd

S01:E20 The Phillip Show feat. Chris Sains - Identity, Gender, and Understanding

Have you ever wondered what “Non-Binary” really means? How do people determine exactly who they are, and then find the confidence to LIVE OUT LOUD? Chris drops by to share his experience and knowledge with us, and clears up a lot of misconceptions. Follow “Story Time With Chris” to learn more, become educated by a world of topics.

This show is in partnership with @ys.pride

June 2nd

S01:E19 The PHILLIP Show feat. Mike Hawk | Turning Struggle into Strength

Mike Hawk sits down and shares his LGBTQ+ journey, and how it led to addition, recovery, and now positioned him to help others as a Chemical Dependency Counsellor. He is also a featured speaker at the 2021 Yellow Springs Pride event.

If someone is struggling with addiction, here are some resources:
MedMark: https://medmark.com/
AA: https://aa.org/

This show is in partnership with #YSPride20201

May 26th

S01:E18 The PHILLIP Show feat. Music Pros Jiana Hunter & Red - Finding the Right People for Your Circle

Jiana Hunter -vocalist, producer & songwriter with a voice and technique that spans all genres - is back on the show and brought an amazing musical guest. Music producer Darrell “RED” Campbell, an accomplished musician & music producer from Detroit, MI shares his perspective on music creation and how passion helps to align musicians together to create great compositions. RED's fingerprint has been placed on some music icons and franchises such as India Arie, Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Freyda, MTV, VHI, and more. -AND EACH DAY HE CONTINUES TO STRIVE TO POSITIVELY IMPACT MORE LIVES. Trice, Freyda Payne, Eminem, MTV, VH1, and each day he strives to touch more.

May 19th

S01:E17 Behind the Show: Learn the Intention from Show Host

Executive Producer/Host Phillip O’Rourke shares the reason behind the show, and the intentions to inspire and motivate. With a collection of motivational videos, as well as an in-depth, in-person interview, Phillip shares his purpose and passion for the show being a resource.

May 12th

S01:E16 The PHILLIP Show feat. Dino of Dino’s Cappuccino

Dino, owner of Dino’s Cappuccino in Yellow Springs, Ohio (and one of My Fav Spots) stops by The PHILLIP Show and tells of his journey from selling beepers to owning a cappuccino shop - a local favorite. Stick around and he drops some nuggets of wisdom for those who may want to venture out as entrepreneurs.

May 5th,

S01:E15 The PHILLIP Show feat. Bomani Moyenda

In the world in which we live, it is going even increasingly necessary for people to raise their voices for change. Bomani Moyenda, a justice advocate and educator, helps to shed light on his Award Winning participation in the fight for justice, and how he hopes to influence youth to become leaders and catalysts for positive change. On the heels of his latest play release entitled, “What’s Done in the Dark,” Mr. Moyenda takes us on his creative journey, and sets his sights on even greater things to come.

April 28th

S01:E14 Feat: Barbara Clarke-Ruiz (Pt 1)

International Brand & Marketing expert Barbara Clarke Ruiz, and branding behind such companies as Adidas, and Eleven By Venus - an apparel collection created by tennis icon Venus Williams - introduces us to her newest brand, "Lick You Silly." Lick You Silly is the pet amenity for 8 Kimpton hotels, sold in 22 retailers including Amazon and lickyousilly.com. And NOW, the brand has been added to walmart.com, along with their first TV commercial which aired on Animal Planet’s 2020 Puppy Bowl hosted by Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog. Lick You Silly has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Black Enterprise, and most recently, Cosmopolitan.

Join us as she shares how not accepting no, and continuing to pursue her passion assisted in her international success.

April 24th - *Special Edition

S01:E13 Feat. Jiana Hunter

The pursuit of passion. Being YOU and following your dreams. Songstress Jiana Hunter takes us on her journey towards finding purpose and inner peace through music. Listen to the WORLD PREMIER of her new inspirational song entitled, "GRATEFUL!"

April 21st

S01:E12 Feat. The Winds Cafe of Yellow Springs

Taking a look at one of “My Fav’ Spots” in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Take a tour with me and join the conversation with the wonderful owner Mary Kay as she talks about how she went from dish washer to owner of not only The Winds Cafe, but also The Winds Wine Cellar.

April 14th

S01:E11 Feat. G. Allen Battle

G. Allen Battle takes us on a journey of why healing is so important and how he helps people to become inspired and to find their way.

April 7th

S01:E10 Feat. The Edward A. Dixon Gallery

Ed Dixon talks art and how he selects pieces for his gallery. We explore how art plays a part in our emotional journey and reflects US in the process.

March 31st

S01:E09 Feat. Dr. Jason O’Rourke

How life circumstances shape who you become. Finding YOU! Dr. O’Rourke speaks of growing from childhood trauma, and being confident in knowing who you are.

March 24th

S01:E08 The PHILLIP Show feat. Mariah Freeman

Beyond Addiction: Finding the Real You! Marian Freeman is an author, mother & kingdompreneur and discusses her journey from addiction and shares resources for those who are ready to start their journey towards healing. Contact Mariah today @ sinnersaved@live.com and find out how to receive your free copy of her book “From Heroin to Heaven” and get started on your wellness journey.

March 17th

S01:E07 Feat. Akilah Henry

How do you maintain a positive self-image when marketing and advertising bombards you with standards which may be too high? Akilah Henry, marketing professional talks about her experience with working with creative media campaigns, and how she weathers the storm.

March 10th

S01:E06 Feat. Nicholas Sherrod
New Artist Nicholas Sherrod discusses decision to release a Christian vs secular album, and how this decision took him by surprise.

March 3rd

S01:E05 Feat. Dr. Yvette “Diva” Williams
Dr. Diva talks new music, body building, motherhood & inspires us to find our way through difficult times. This celebrity from Dayton, OH continues to give back to the local community in big ways, and she is not done yet!

February 24th

S01:E04 Feat. Angelique Dozier
Pro MakeUp Artist Angelique Dozier shares how to be comfortable in your own skin and to love ALL of you!

February 17th

S01:E03 Feat. Conya Doss | Artist & Educator
The Queen of Nu Soul, Conya Doss, shares how she stayed true to herself even when it may have meant her career, and tells us about her new project "6019" available on all digital platforms.

February 10th, 2021

S01:E02 A Unique Valentine’s Day feat. UrbanHandMade
One of "My Fav Spots" featuring unique merchandise that is perfect for anyone with amazing taste and an incredible sense of humor. PS. This makes for some great gifts, even Valentine's Day!

February 3rd, 2021

S01:E01 Feat. Mr. James Phinizy, Author
Meet the talented Mr. Phinizy, author of the highly anticipated children's book "The Adventures of Pretzel Boy: A Twisted Tale" which reveals hidden truths veiled with humor and spunk.

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