Meet Host Phillip O’Rourke

“My goal is to use my gifts, talents and platform to help encourage and inspire.” - Phillip O’Rourke

Executive Producer/Host

Phillip grew up in Ohio and moved extensively throughout the years. As a singer/songwriter, he had the privilege of working with many influential artists & entertainers. As a celebrity Make-up Artist, Phillip was able to glean experience in both fashion, video, film & runway. Continuing his career in the industry, he soon transitioned and became a Creative & Marketing Director.

Influenced by his own life, Phillip O’Rourke began working as a counselor for those struggling with life controlling issues and soon decided to broaden his influence and became a certified Life Coach.

The journey to being comfortable in my own skin was an incredible one, and I am passionate about helping others to find value within themselves. -Phillip O’Rourke

With the creation of The PHILLIP Show™ , Phillip hopes to positively impact the lives of others through shared stories and by providing inspired coaching to his audience.

This platform provides the potential to spread the message of hope even further.
-Phillip O'Rourke

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